When time is our most precious commodity, we can’t afford gear failure. We wait weeks, months, or sometimes years for a trip – our gear must perform. Here I’ll pass along equipment I’ve found reliable.

gumleaf boots

Brookie Stream Boots

When chasing little blue lines, sometimes we spend as much time busting brush and hiking trails as we do fishing, and often the water is only shin-deep. I’ll usually get only a season or two out of a $75 pair of hip waders before they fail.

I was looking for a non-Chinese rubber boot – a boot built to endure a decade of mountain trout fishing and bow hunting – and I found these at Gumleaf USA; made in Slovakia from real rubber and with Vibram soles. They are comfortable, sturdy, and grip the rocks surprisingly well for a non-studded boot.

Best Fly Box I’ve Found… Cliff’s Super Days Worth

I have three different of Cliff’s Fly Boxes…made in Wyoming. This one box is the only one I need for an entire day on any Brookie stream.