Groundhog Day Brookies

Groundhog Day brought some unusual sunshine to the mountains of West Virginia. Apparently the sun was blown here by the wind because there was a steady 30 mph wind on top of Allegheny Mountain on Sunday afternoon. This made it a little tough to control the drift, but once I made it up into the hollow the winds were all overhead.

It only took the second cascade to find a little fella willing to take a size 18 poorly-tied pheasant tail nymph. I continued upstream but no one else was interested; apparently upstream trout were more discerning about the accuracy of my nymph patterns.

I switched to a bead-head hare’s ear and picked up two more little Brookies. These little trout were not big enough to put much of a bend in my 2wt TFO, but they put up a spirited fight just the same.

I only had a short while to fish, but it was a beautiful late afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed getting outside and enjoying the stream and trout. I’ll come back later in the spring and try this little stream again.

Published by: Blaine Emery

I have spent my life seeking the old ways where things are pure and unspoiled. As much as life allows, you will not find me unless you look on a hidden mountain stream in West Virginia or on some desolate mountain in Wyoming. You can also follow some of my exploits on Twitter @WVPackHunter

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