Always look up…

Grant County, WV

Always look up, or you will have nothing but snags.

Trout in the morning sunlight

Slow down and be willing to wait for clarity, or you will have wasted effort.

North Mountain, Pendleton County, WV

Every part of the stream is different, yet connected, so be willing to adapt, but never abandon principle truths.

Seneca Rocks, Pendleton County, WV

Moments in life, just like time on the water, are fleeting….

The coolness of water on your legs, the sound of water over rocks and birds in the trees, the subtle downdraft of air against your face… these are the precious details of the moment so easily not noticed and forever lost.

Tailgate preparations

The rise of a trout, the taking of your fly, the tug on the rod… the moment when preparation meets opportunity with execution…. beautiful, beautiful indeed.

Wild Rainbow Trout, somewhere in WV

2 thoughts on “Always look up…

  1. (tried leaving this comment yesterday… didn’t get through… I’ve got to figure this out better…. UB)
    Wow, nice pictures of the local surrounds! Great ‘bow’ Blaine! Your scenery is gorgeous! Those rocks…aka mountains… very nice. I can tell from your notation that a successful outting was attained. Nice! …UB


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